Middlemoor Minis - Just for Show
Driving Rugs

New for 2017! 
Clipped ponies and chilly days, wet weather or just to be seen often requires nothing more than a simple rug. As with all our bespoke rugs, they are designed with small ponies in mind- though these are also available in standard sizes too.
All can be made in fleece, Hi-Viz, Melton Wool, waterproof fabrics and even a very light weight Hi-Viz road sheet. All are available with FREE EMBROIDERY, that could be a Monogram for the show ring, ponies name- or EMERGENCY DETAILS OR PHONE NUMBER when out on a road drive etc.

 Available in both mini and Standard size, matching Hi-Viz leg wraps are also available. Both Leg Wraps and Rug have light reflective tape and don't forget to add YOUR EMERGENCY DETAILS OR PHONE NUMBER FREE!!

How to measure for your driving rug
1.pop on your driving saddle
2. Measure from the back of the saddle to crupper
3. Measure from back of the saddle to backside (where you would like the rug to finish)
4. Measure from back down to length you would like the rug to be (please bare in mind shaft/harness fittings)
5. Measure where saddle furniture is positioned, ties will be between terrets 
Please refer to diagram
6. Add any embroidery required