Middlemoor Minis - Just for Show
Feed Bowls.
Deliciously different and fun, these fantastic bowls are such an amazing looking treat. Handcrafted in poly Resin, they look and feel like glass, and are surprisingly heavy, they are super tough and have a nonslip feet on the bottom. 
 They come in Dog sizes of Large (19cm top diameter) and holds 500ml  and Small (14cm top diameter) and holds 240ml suitable for our smaller friends.
Choose from Pink Dog Bones, Blue Dog Bones, Dog Bickies, Hearts or Strawberries..... yummy!       ( sadly the little blue bowls are out of stock at the moment, but please contact me to reserve one)
Large Dog Bowl
LARGE bowls hold 500ml of happieness within a 19cm top diameter non-slip bowl!! Choose from the 5 designs available.... nom nom nom!
Price: £24.99
Bowl choice:
Small Dog Bowls
SMALL bowls hold 240ml of happiness and are just perfect for our little cannine friends at just 14cm top diameter. Choose from the delicious desgins below
Price: £19.99
Pattern Choice:
Cat bowls are also available in these heavenly designs. They are one size (11.5cm top diameter) and hold 150ml of deliciousness for our little feline friend.... purrrrrfect!!!
Cat Bowl
These delightful little bowls are 11.5cm top diameter and hold 150ml. Choose from 4 desgins ... Purrrrfect!!
Price: £13.99
Pattern choice:
Rabbit Bowls!! We couldn't forget the bunny now could we??? and how fantastic is this?
I just love it!!! Again in one size (11.5cm top diameter) and holds 150ml of Bunny heaven. A true 5 carrot wonder!
Rabbit Bowl
One size (11.5cm top diameter) and holds 150ml of bunny heaven. A true 5 carrot wonder!!
Price: £13.99
And now the grand finale....
New Puppy gift Boxes!!!!!!
Awwwwww.....Awwwww how wonderful are these??? Utterly delightful little treasures for your new arrival or as a welcome pressie for someones happy event! 
There is a small dog bowl, a wonderful identity tag and doggie treats included in this delightful little gift box. Sadly only available in Pink at the moment.
New Pup gift Box
Available only in Pink at the moment (blue's out of stock)
Price: £24.99