Middlemoor Minis - Just for Show
Meet the Boys
 Fosterhouses Excalibur (Arthur)

The kindest and most gentle little choppy. Arthur came to live with us in 2012 and is a delightful and worthy addition to our little herd. He is almost completely black, with just a snip on his nose. He possesses (when Bertie dosn't give him a hair cut) a wealth of mane and tail and once again has the all important temperament. He has given us our two first Middlemoor foals with which we are delighted to say,  we retained!!

 Foldhouse Bertie Bassett (Bertie)
 We had no intention of having a little boy, but on seeing him, we didn't want to miss the chance to have such a charming youngman grace us with his presence. His Daddy is New Park Sundance, a fine fellow of a pony, and Bertie is certainly following in his hoof prints!
Again, chosen for his tremendously good temperament, he is such a sweet, kind chappy with excellent conformation and fabulous attitude, he has now been gelded and looking forward to a career in driving.
 Foldhouse Little Lord Valentine (Frank the Beast)
Well, what can I say? We went to see Violet and fell head-over-heels with this little chap too! 
 His presence for a foal of just two weeks was astonishing and he had the "big horse" trot we so love.

  He is named in honour of his Grandpa Seva Little Lord, who sadly, we didn't get        to meet. By all accounts he is a most worthy namesake for our little man.
Frank (the beast) has gone from strength to strength and has grown into a wonderful young man.  Having had a most successful in-hand showing career, from winning his class at the Royal Welsh Show and then going on to be Junior Champion- to winning numerous Championships and Supreme Championships, we have now turned our attention to his driving. Having taken to it like a duck to water, this little man just adores to go out and give it his absolute best. Having had an amazingly successful year (2016) winning numerous championships including the Shetland Pony Stud Book Driven Champion, his crowning glory came when he won the British Driving Societies British National Exercise Championship!!

Middlemoor Sunny Jim (Jiblets)
Our very first Middlemoor foal!! Born 18 May 2013 and one very proud mummy Lucy (Orched Lucy). He has inherited both parents, Arthur and Lucys, wonderful and very easy going temperament and exemplary conformation making him a fantabulous little choppy.
He has already had a show season under his belt, going out with mummy Lucy to some wonderful shows and even winning Shetland foal of the year at POYS. 
He has had a year off showing this year as we have been concentrating on Frank (the beast) but we are hoping to continue with his showing during the winter this year and next season.