Middlemoor Minis - Just for Show
Meet the Girls
  Foldhouse Gypsy Blue Eyes (Betty)
 Betty is the first of many, she has the sweetest of temperaments and is happiest when being cuddled and admired! She is very gentle and didn't mind one bit when a blind man asked to touch her so as he could understand just how tiny she was (she was a yearling at her very first show!)
  She Loves show day, and is known for chasing the little pink trailer up the drive if she thought she was missing out on a party!
  Although tiny, Betty is one of the worlds biggest showoffs and is noted for her "big horse" trot and wonderful conformation. She has been described, by a few county level judges, as being "a perfect example of a shrunk down version of a standard Shetland pony true to type"... which of course has made her head swell.
  We have had an amazing adventure during our first and second years of showing, and while she will hopefully be put into foal during the spring/summer of 2012, she will get to go out to a few parties to keep her happy.            
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Orched Lucy (Lucy)
  Lucy stands at 32" and is a beautiful liver chestnut with a Tina Turner hair do! Again she has the superb breeding we desired, as well as excellent conformation. She will be a huge asset to our breeding stock.
  As we already have enough to show, Lucy is chief lawnmower and nanny to the little ones, and also boss lady to the bigger ones!
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Foldhouse Dinkydee (Delilah)
 Delilah is joint third with Bertie to join our family. I first met her when she was just a few weeks old and she stood out as being a very special young lady. She is noted for her excellent conformation, beautiful "big horse" trot and delightful temperament. She has quickly become part of our little stud.
 Delilah has been lightly shown this year and very much enjoys her chance to shine in the show ring. She currently stands at 30"
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 Merrylees Kewpi Doll (Dolly)
 Dolly is our 5th addition and came to us with a very high recommendation. She is noted for her excellent bloodlines, fine conformation and again, that all important temperament.
She has not disappointed, and has already made herself at home, both with the girls (and a VERY interested Bertie), but also in our hearts- she really is as kind as she looks.
Dolly may very well dip her hoof into the show ring next season, with the view to show her and (hopefully) foals in the following years to come.
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 Foldhouse Solstice Star (Violet)
Violet is a dream come true! Ever since I was a little girl, learning to ride, I always dreamed of having my very own Palomino to admire. Well on 3rd November 2011 this dream became reality when we went to collect Violet.
when I went to meet Delilah and Bertie at Foldhouse Stud in the spring of 2010, there was the most beautiful palomino and white colt foal. I asked Sheila (from Foldhuose Stud) if she could run Pollyanna and Bugsy together that summer in the hope of a Palom0ino filly the following year. We waited and waited and eventually out popped a perfect Violet ready for the summer solstice, and we were thrilled!
She is truly everything I dreamed of and a little more besides. She, of course, has the wonderful bloodlines, fantastic bone and an amazing temperament, and will most definitely become a very strong character in the years to come. She has already taken her first 2nd place in a photo competition, the photo taken when she was just 4 days old!